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Homeopathic Treatment for Acidity
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Homeopathic Treatment for Acidity

A lot of times, acidity becomes chronic because the actual cause is not being dealt with effectively. Instead you are using medicines only to alleviate the symptoms instead of finding a true cure to the disease. This is why Dr.Morlawar’s believes in complete understanding of the symptoms in a patient before advising a treatment. In this way, we are able to provide the right treatment to our patients and ensure that the problem is fixed right from the root.


At one point or another, all of us experience an acid reflux. It can be a large meal or an untimely meal that could have caused it, but when this problem turns frequent or chronic, then acidity turns into a disease for the person suffering from it. If not treated appropriately, it can turn into a big problem for the patient, who may lose interest in food because of the consequences. People who suffer from acidity usually complain about a burning sensation in their stomach and chest after a meal.

Symptoms and Signs

Some common symptoms that people who suffer from acidity experience are:

  • A burning sensation in the stomach and the chest which is referred as heartburn. It happens when the acids from your stomach enter the oesophagus.
  • A feeling of restlessness caused after meals when the acid begins to take the toll on your body.
  • Sour belching is also common among patients of acidity because the acids begin to disrupt the digestive process.
  • A sour taste in the mouth often caused because of regurgitation can happen when acidity turns worse. You may be able to feel the presence of acids and small amounts of the food you have eaten in your mouth in this case.
  • Nausea is usually caused because of the disruption of digestion. The person may not feel good after a meal because the process of digestion did not proceed as expected.
  • Indigestion or constipation is another problem faced by the people who suffer from acidity.
  • Bloating can also be a side effect of acidity.

These are usually noticed among people who suffer from acidity. The symptoms may heighten after a meal and they gradually mellow down till the next meal. Heavy meals can be a big concern for someone who suffers from acidity. Most of the times, a healthier lifestyle along with good homeopathic medicines can help treat acidity easily. It requires keen monitoring of the reasons why it happens. Whether it occurs after certain meals only or if your sleeping pattern is affecting acidity. Exercising, eating smaller meals and eating healthy can help combat acidity more effectively.


Doctors generally diagnose acidity with the help of the symptoms. Based on the symptoms described by the patients, the doctors are able to understand the reasons and the main cause behind the problem. There are a number of physical procedures like endoscopy, barium swallow, Oesophageal manometry, and pH monitoring which can help doctors identify the reasons to choose the right treatment for you.