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Homeopathic Cure of Dysmenorrhea or Painful Menses
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Homeopathic Cure of Dysmenorrhea or Painful Menses

It is a common tendency of most of the females to take painkillers during the severe pain of dysmenorrhea or the menstrual cycle. These painkillers can have serious side effects on their health causing certain adverse health conditions and problems. Homeopathy, on the other hand, has the best and reliable solutions to treating the dysmenorrhea with much ease. It offers safe treatment which has no side effects on the human body.

Dr.Morlawar's has an experienced team of medical experts which caters to the specific health requirements of the individuals. There are assortments of healthy medicinal options which are completely natural and thus provide the best treatment in the safest way possible. The females can get rid of the constant painful menses by the consumption of the homeopathy medicines and potions. Avail the best natural remedy for the dysmenorrhea or the menses accompanied with pain by getting treated with the most reliable homeopathy services.

Dysmenorrhea or Painful Menses

Do you experience regular, unbearable pain in the lower abdomen, back or the legs each time you have your menstrual cycle? You might be under the influence of the dysmenorrheal which is commonly referred to as the painful menses. It could be so frequent and common that most of the females around the world consider it to be quite normal. Therefore, they pay less attention to this serious health concern which can be easily cured with the help of the homeopathic remedies. Menstruation is the natural physiological process and need not be painful. So, if you are under the influence of extreme pain and menstrual cramps, you can pay a visit to the nearby health expert and get it treated with much ease. AtDr.Morlawar’s, wehave the best solutions to the menstrual cramp which is also known as the dysmenorrhea or the painful menses.

Symptoms and Signs

The severity of the pain of the dysmenorrhea varied from one female to another. In some cases, the menstrual pain is mild, while in some females it might lead to unbearable and severe forms of pain. Sometimes, the pain is so worse that the individual is forced to be in bed. The areas of pain also vary. In some cases, the pain might occur in the lower part of the abdomen; while in some it might cause discomfort and pain in the back portion or even the legs. The common symptoms accompanied by the painful menses include:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen, back, and legs
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Irritation and mood swings
  • Lack of appetite
  • Heavy body
  • Extreme fatigue and weakness

The onset of pain begins one or two days before the menstrual cycle and some patients even experience the severe forms of pain throughout the period of the cycle. At Dr.Morlawar’s, we have a team of medical experts and professional doctors who are well aware of the common symptoms of the dysmenorrheal and thus provide the best homeopathic solutions to the individuals.


If you experience constant and returning painful pain during the menses or Dysmenorrhea, you need to check with the doctor to analyze if there is any serious concern. The doctors might conduct a pelvic examination with the ise of ultrasound machines. In some cases, even the blood or urine test is done. The advanced technology of ‘laparoscopy’ can also be done.