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Homeopathic Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis
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Homeopathic Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a health condition that needs to be treated effectively so that it does not reoccur. We are not just talking about relieving the symptoms when they appear, but ending the cause of the symptoms. Homeopathy is one of the safest ways of ensuring that your system responds normally to the allergens. It is gentle and it does not have any side effects, which means that once your treatment is complete, you would not have to worry about other effects on your body that stemmed from the treatment. Homeopathy restores balance in our body and helps your body behave normally when exposed to allergens.

Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis which is commonly referred to as hay fever, is a health condition where your body has an allergic reaction to certain triggers like pollen, dust, smoke, perfume, or cigarettes. While some may have the allergy seasonally, there are others who suffer from a perennial form of allergic rhinitis. If you have perennial hay fever, then you may be allergic to triggers that are present throughout the year like dust mites, cockroaches or animal dander. People who suffer from this health condition and have a pet at home may find it difficult to handle the pets without heightening their allergies.

Most of the times, people who suffer from allergic rhinitis usually has someone in the family who already suffers from allergens. Family history is known to be the primary reason for allergic rhinitis, but there can be other causes too.

Those who suffer from allergic rhinitis have an immune system which considers the allergens as harmful substances. This is why your body releases histamine which is a chemical that helps your body defend itself from harmful intruders.

Symptoms and Signs

Those who suffer from hay fever will react to the presence of certain allergens. When their body comes in contact with the allergen, they will show the following symptoms:

  • Running nose
  • Sudden bouts of sneezing
  • Your eyes, throat and nose may feel itchy and even the palate of the mouth may itch.
  • The allergy can also lead to watery eyes
  • The stuffy nose can also cause headaches
  • Some may even suffer from swollen eyelids

The symptoms of allergic rhinitis will only appear when the person is in contact with one of the allergens. At all other times, the person will not have any problems. However, if the allergen is very common then the patient has to be careful or else they may end up with the symptoms too often.


The diagnosis of Allergic rhinitis is based on the patient’s information regarding the symptoms they notice when they come in contact with certain allergens. Once the doctor understand the symptoms and signs, further tests are conducted to check how your body reacts to the allergens. These tests may involve a blood test or a skin prick test.

The doctor’s diagnosis of this condition is also based on your family history because allergic rhinitis is often passed from one member of the family to another.